Noni Juice

What can we say about Tahitian Noni Original bioactive beverage?

tahitian noni many original biokativni napitak

– 60 ml Tahitian Noni ™ Original drink contains bioactive 15% the recommended daily intake of manganese (mangan pomaže zaštiti stanice od oksidacijskog oštećenja, contributes to maintaining bone health and normal energy metabolism).

– Tahitian Noni ™ Original beverage support for the defense capabilities of the body.

– Tahitian Noni ™ Original contains antioxidants that help the body against free radicals.

– Tahitian Noni ™ Original supports physical stamina potion when consistently used for a certain time.

Tahitian Noni Original bioactive beverage:

1. It is good because it helps protect the body and the body
2. Antioxidant potential of beverage is good for the natural defense
3. It helps to have positive effects on health and general well-being
4. It is suitable for your overall development
5. Supports the healthy development of the biological composition
6. Supports your physical endurance
7. Improves energy and general well-being
8. From Tahitian Noni Original bioactive beverage will have more energy
9. World athletes recommend Tahitian Noni Original bioactive drink because it allows them to quickly recover after physical exertion
10. Used by thousands of people who have amazing results-try it and you will see what you can do for you.
11. Many athletes regularly use Tahitian Noni Original biokativni drink.
12. Noni is used since ancient times, It is known that the inhabitants of French Polynesia for more than 2 000 years using the benefits of noni to feed, and they used elements nonja care and beautification of the body, inside and outside.
13. Polynesians have used noni fruit for centuries. Foliage, seeds and fruit of the noni fruit has been traditionally used for general well-being. Parents taught their children to use elements of the noni for its benefits, and used it as a source of vitality.


TNI is the market leader in developing and manufacturing products based on noni and the only company in the world that has a laboratory which is completely dedicated to the study of Morinda Citrifoliae. In cooperation with various international scientists and institutes TNI iridoids found that the unique and essential ingredient of noni.

TNI has found that iridoids are a major component of noni products. The presence of these components, If the level and quality, One of the main indicators of quality beverage noni.

• It is rarely found in the normal fruit
• They are different from the flavonoids that are found in all fruits
• Main Phytochemicals in Noni fruit
• They are very stable and resistant to degradation
• Bookmarks are the quality of our drinks noni

Information about the company TNI

– 4.5 billion dollars - the value of products sold by 1996.
– 2.2 billions of dollars - fees paid by IPCs 1996.
– TNI ima 52 patent in the whole world
– Tahitian Noni ™ Original bioactive beverage is sold in more than 70 countries
– TNI has made 14 clinical trials on humans
– Every minute in the world to sell 20 Tahitian Noni ™ napitka mouth
– In cherry orchard is sold to the 100 million Tahitian Noni ™ Original bioactive beverage 1 liter
– TNI has made more than 200 millionaire
– 2001. Tahitian Noni International after you rank iran 26. site of the magazine Inc.. list 500 fastest growing private companies in the U.S.