Tahitian Noni ™ Original bioactive napitak

1993. The two scientists in America, John Wadsworth i Stepehen Storry, They heard the remarkable properties of Noni Fruit, and started his scientific work, three years later resulted in the world until now completely unknown product: Tahićanskim Noni juice, product that successfully combines ancient knowledge and tradition with cutting-edge technology. Tahitian Noni juice in its composition has 89% Noni juice and raw 11% juice of blueberries and grapes (were added to obtain a pleasant taste, and because of its remarkable properties). The two scientists are 1996. year with three financiers established company Tahitian Noni International and began launching the first product to the U.S., So the Japanese market, until today, but in 70 countries the company has its office.

Nastavak ovog teksta o Noni soku možete pročitati na sledećem linku www.nonisok.com / noni-juice gde je postavljeno i nekoliko stranica koje sadržajno objašnjavaju šta je to Tahitian Noni™ Original bioaktivni napitak i kako deluje.